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how it all began

It all started when he opened the truck door for me, but no, that can't be the beginning... 
Was it when I watched him play with the one-year old boy so that big sister could teach a VBS class? 
Or when the church group went for a long bike ride and he gave a tired 1st grader a ride to the end of the trail? 
Maybe it was while I watched him make difficult life choices to better serve God.
Did it start when I realized how well he cared for others?
How it started is not exactly the point, but it did start. I liked him. I couldn't not like him. Try as I might to get over yet another crush, it was like God kept on bringing him back to my mind. With the good advice of a friend, I decided to watch him, see what he was made of. That's when I started seeing all sorts of cool things about him. 
He was a friend to everybody. 
When people talked, he listened. 
I could see him grow in his walk with God. 
Knowing my weakness to read into and assume many things, I tried very hard to te…

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