The Now

I wrote this quote on my chalk board at the beginning of the summer, and it's been there ever since. God has used this reminder for me so many times recently!

Life has many questions, and the answers seem to come very slowly. Through those times of waiting in life, there comes a call for patience and joy.

It is hard to be joyful while waiting. The devil knows that if we can find joy while waiting for God's plans to unfold, we will be most effective for building God's kingdom. When we freak out and don't know which end is up, because we are trying to control the outcome, of course we will not be furthering Christ's kingdom.

This is the place I find myself in so often. I fight for control, then I'm reminded that control is not mine.

Be joyful now.

That's all I need to do from moment to moment. Instead of choosing control and despair, I need to choose patience and joy.

God's got this.


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